UNITED TELEPORTS provides ingest, QC, editing, languaging and versioning  services for media from multiple content providers, converting this media to all desired formats for delivery and archive.


Capture / Ingest

We digitize from videotape, record off satellite, fetch via FTP, Aspera, Signiant or other accelerated method, or request your vendor push it to us.

Quality Control

We provide any level or speed of Quality Control, from real time end to end to spot check or anything in between, following standards and practices set by our customers.

Compliance Editing

We turn raw, program vendor masters into finished, versioned air masters by following your strict Standards, Practices and Policies, performing censorship and “cut to clock” segment editing as needed.


We supervise and perform all foreign languaging processes required to subtitle, closed caption, or dub your original masters into as many languages as needed. We then marry these tracks back to your original or cut masters to create multi-language air masters.


File Conversion

Once air masters are complete with all languages, we make all necessary file versions for air, alternative distribution such as VOD or OTT, or archive, using our proprietary multi-thread conversion servers.

Metadata Creation

We generate XML or other format metadata files in the exact format required by our customers for each air master or segment we create. This metadata travels with each piece of content.

Data Security

The security of our customers’ digital media archives is one of UNITED TELEPORTS highest priorities. All content captured by us or provided by our customers is stored in RAID servers, with built-in redundancy. All media containing customer owned content is strictly controlled from the time it is received at our facilities. All physical media is stored in media vaults, with restricted access.

Legacy Media Digitization

As part of its Media Management services, we offer digitization of large tape libraries by using  multi-channel capture servers, sized for high volume production, capable of batch digitizing multiple tapes simultaneously, for a faster turn around and minimized costs.

Customer Hotline

Customer Hotline

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Technical Support
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