UNITED TELEPORTS has satellite transmission antennas in service with all major satellites visible from the US East Coast and proving services to the cable community in the USA and Americas.

TV Channels originated by UNITED TELEPORTS are delivered to cable operators, DTH networks and TV stations in the United States, North America and South America by means of satellite, dedicated fiber links, Internet links and microwave links.

Fiber Connectivity
With fiber access from two major providers, with BGP backup,  UNITED TELEPORTS delivers content by means of dedicated links or very cost effectively via Internet with adequate FEC protections ( forward error corrections )

Microwave / Wireless
UNITED TELEPORTS is interconnected by means of microwave links to all major TV transmission towers sited in the Miami region, serving a variety of off-the-air TV channels.

Equipment Collocation at Partner Teleports
UNITED TELEPORTS distribution of content is augmented with equipment collocated at partner teleports in the United Kingdom, Jordan, Brazil , Mexico and Australia , providing coverage on a extended geographical base.

Over the Top - OTT
UNITED TELEPORTS offers multi-platform distribution services that allow content providers to meet the evolving requirements of IPTV and mobile viewers, including HLS, HDS, Smooth Streaming encoding/transcoding and delivery platforms , allowing all major formats, bitrates and profiles required in the mobile viewers market and offering hundreds of channels to the viewer market.

Live Streaming
UNITED TELEPORTS, by means of its own satellite downlink platforms or through its partners teleports in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Jordan, Brazil and Australia, is able to acquire live TV channels from practically anywhere in the world .

Our live streaming services include origination in a variety of formats and profiles as required by the type of user’s devices (mobile sets, set top boxes, personal computers), and delivery of live streams over the Internet either to a partner video platform or to a CDN. Live streams can be delivered in RTMP, HLS, HDS, Smooth Streaming, RTP, RTSP and UDP, compatible to the three major technologies of mobile devices.

Customer Hotline

Customer Hotline

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Technical Support
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